Writing Coaching

Do you have a story you want to tell, but you're not sure how to tell it? Have you started writing but can't find the motivation to finish? Have you completed work but can't get an agent or a publisher?


Good writing is not only about finding the drive and motivation to continue in the face of adversity—it's also about developed skills, refinement of the craft, and drawing from a diverse tool set.

I have a passion for writing, and I love to pass that passion on to others. Whether you're trying to write an autobiography, fiction, or nonfiction—there's a story everywhere waiting to be told

And I'd love to help you tell it.

Coaching is something we do together. 


We all need the space to create freely, and let ideas simmer; but sometimes you also need to know someone is waiting to read your work. I fully believe in assignments and deadlines; building good writing habits, dedicated writing time, and focused goals. 


I believe in bringing out the best in you—finding where you excel most naturally and nurturing it, and focusing on the tools you most need to complete the project of your dreams.

Of course, we all need friendly encouragement to push toward our dreams—but writers also need mentorship and instruction. No one ever started out a master writer; it takes a willingness to learn, to practice, and to take critique.

I pride myself on giving enthusiastic, positive feedback that will leave you feeling good about what you've accomplished, and looking forward to what you'll do in the future.



The Casual Writer

Read and critique up to 10 pages of writing, followed by an instructive Skype session and editorial comments.

$119 per session

(reading, critique, and detailed comments included)

The Career-Builder

Read and critique up to 25 pages per month, with one hour-long Skype meeting for feedback and instruction, plus check-ins throughout the month.

$149 per month

(detailed comments included)

The Focused Writer

Read and critique up to 50 pages per month, with two hour-long Skype meetings for feedback and instruction, plus check-ins throughout the month.

$279 per month

(detailed comments included)